Mission Statement

Please read our mission statement for a better understanding of how ComsMarine.com is not your average E-Commerce company. As always, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated as we try a new way to serve our valued customers.

Help Us Fight Hunger

We pledge to contribute 3% of our total product sales (not our profits) to community food banks. So if you place an order for $100.00 in product (shipping and tax excluded), we will donate $3.00 of your purchase to programs that assist with the hunger crisis in America. 

At the end of each sales month we will tabulate 3% of our gross product sales and our staff will hand deliver a check for the total amount to a community charity involved with feeding those in need.

We’re Invested In Our Customers

We’re trying some new things here to build a business based on the core needs of our customers and community while hoping to make enough money to stay in business. Any thoughts, ideas, feedback on anything we do (or don’t do) is always appreciated. Our staff is very small so your comments will be heard by those who make decisions.

No Charge Until Shipment

Our policy is to not charge your selected payment method until your order is stock verified, a shipping label is printed and the order is ready to go out the door.

At the time of your order you will see a pre-authorization on your account, this is how the banks can verify that there are funds available for your purchase. These pre-authorizations are banking regulation and out of our control. They will automatically go away in 24-36 hours. We will only authorize the actual payment/charge when your order is ready to go out the door. Your money will never be tied up due to a delay for any reason. You pay only when we ship.

*Excludes Paypal payments due to Paypal policy requiring payment/funds transfer at the time of order.

We Urge You To Support Small Businesses

Comsmarine.com is a small business, a very small business in fact and as with most small businesses times are hard. We hope whether it is for your boat parts, groceries or anything else that you support small businesses before we are all gone. It is more important now than ever.

Pricing Structure

Our first priority is of course to stay in business It would be dishonest for any company to prioritize any objective higher. Second is to create an online environment where our customers can have confidence in their purchases and feel good about where they are spending their money.

We price our products fairly and honestly, with no gimmicks, no last minute high shipping costs, fees or other shenanigans. In today’s ultra competitive e-commerce marketplace there is a very fine line between giving the customer everything they expect while also making a profit. As stated throughout our mission statement we strive to be a fair and honest company who can offer some added benefits to our customers which may not be available with other retailers. 

Product Line

Our product line is designed to offer products we know from our years in the marine industry We want to be the master of what we do and not just another corporate, drop-shipping, automated, e-commerce machine. We know our product. We hand pack and individually ship each box. We process all orders one by one and we get to know our customers. In turn we hope our customers get to know us as well. Nothing with our company is outsourced, automated, computer generated or impersonal from the initial receipt of your order to the delivery of the package.